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Jade has always loved art and has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil!


It was her favourite subject in school, but when it came to what to do once she left school, Jade wasn’t sure where to go with her art, so she decided to follow her love for animals and thought she could study them instead of drawing them! She got her degree in Biology, but whilst collecting tattoos along the way realised maybe tattooing could be the path for her, allowing her to finally use her creativity.


Jade tried to learn as much as she could about tattooing, got her portfolio together and landed on Tattoo Station’s doorstep. After an interview with Ken, she become the newest member of the Tattoo Station gang! Jade’s love for tattoos began with traditional and neotraditional styles, but since learning so much under Ken’s mentorship, she has been exploring different styles, and strives to keep progressing with both her artwork and her tattooing.